Local Partners

What better place to find quality local produce than a company with local roots?

Our coastal region of the Deep South is known for producing the most delicious, high quality fruits and vegetables. At Gulf Coast Produce, we work closely with local farmers to ensure food safety and sustainable agriculture practices are met in order to bring farm fresh produce to our customers at the peak of flavor. After all, locally-grown produce is superbly fresh with reduced food miles from farm to plate.

If you’re looking for the best of what’s around, we’re your local source!

You want to know the source of your food and we have one of the largest networks of local farms on the gulf coast. We’re committed to supporting our local farmer partners by purchasing produce that is grown locally and at a seasonally appropriate time. As a result, our customers benefit from  fresh, delicious and affordable food! Even our smallest local grower is required to adhere to stringent Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) to ensure food safety.

As a healthy and environmental friendly means of supporting your local farmer and agricultural system, try eating with the seasons.

Visit our local products section for more information on what is available seasonally and check this our for our local farm partners.

Featured farmer partners for 2019:

Regional Partners 2016

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